Provoker: Tom Wart

Tom Wart (°1987) studied video game programming in Namur. After graduating he started doing communication for companies. Being passionate about social media and community management, he has gained knowledge and experience in social networks, crowdfunding, crowdspeaking and all the tools that help to increase the reach of any project.


Alain Auderset’s community management coaching. Resulted in 840 000 persons reached in 6 weeks.

Alain Auderset’s crowdfunding campaign, strategy, design and management. Resulted in 24 500€ raised in 4 weeks.

Project manager & programmer (iPad game development), M3 interactive, Singapour, 2011

Coach and speaker at Christian Communication, trainings in communication, 2016-Today

Web designer, graphic designer & campaign strategist, 2003-Today


Communication Campaign

Alain Auderset, Gospel Festival, Rmic Production, ...

Web Design,,,,,,,,,, ...

Identity and Branding

Nouvelle Jérusalem Liège, Sanctuaire de Beauraing, BusinessBooster, église de Ressaix, Le Cribbi, ...


Powermind, Connexion.Social, ...


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